Needs Assessment
  • Discovery
    If you already have a creative idea, we’ll bring your vision to life. Rely on our experience to create a unique packaging and display solution. We’ll ask targeted questions to determine the proper specifications of your project, such as:
    Sales Channel Target audience Brand guidelines Number Budget
  • Consulting
    This is the start of something great. Because knowing all the bells and whistles at our disposal multiplies the possibilities for your retail packaging and display, we’ll give you recommendations on things like:
    Size & Configuration Maximize Your Brand Material Options Special features
Concept Design & Graphic Design
We explore fresh, creative concepts and present recommendations.
Design is our exploration phase. We brainstorm until we uncover totally fresh and creative concepts that are unique to your product. Combining marketing knowledge with manufacturing, we create presentation for proposal.
Our expert designers are dedicated to your success
This is when our packaging engineers put their minds and skill set towards developing the best way to build your chosen solution. Our engineering team makes sure that every detail is thought out and planned for.
We provide functioning prototypes at actual scale
This is where your initial idea and our creative vision for your product begin to come to life. At this stage, we provide a functioning prototype of the design you chose, at actual scale.
We do all of basic testing in-house to seduce costs and help avoid problems before they happen. Each and every brand and retailer comes to the table with specific requirements, and we work with them all to customize a program to fit their testing needs.
Color Management and Manufacturing
Building a color profile for brand consistency across multiple OEMs & mixed material is imperative to maintaining exact color & quality. It is common for brands to have a designated packaging provider for printed materials in order to protect the brand consistency. LEYEAH Packaging is the designated packaging solutions provider for many of the largest brands.
Box folding and assembling service provided
Delivering your packaging boxes and displays to its final destination
The process is easy for you, so you can count on us to make sure everything is done right.
The Best Packaging Solution Services From Leyeah Eco Packaging

We at Leyeah Eco packaging company keep an eye on the needs of our customers and their queries based on purchases. Our incredible range of packaging solution services ranges from manufacturing customized packages to providing sole customization opportunities for clients who are more potent with their own designs. Leyeah Eco packaging comes up with almost all kinds of packaging products, from shelf-ready packages to pouches, bottles, packets, and other items. We go through a lot of spots to judge out the quality of packages from sales channels, target audience, Numbers in these fields, the premium budget, and also the brand guideline. All these points make sure of our decision of choosing a reliable product generation and its mass manufacturing for your audience’s ultimate experience. 

The company offers consultation and full-scale assessment services to make sure the client stays interested and convinced for a better quality of packaging raw products and other items. We at Leyeah Eco Packaging consist of a lot of experts and artists who are well potent with design strategies, production costs, and minimization of material to achieve quality as per clients confirmations. Want to get hold of the supplier of top rated packaging solutions services in china? the Leyeah Eco packaging has an intense level of packaging solutions and their variants to suit your budget as well as choice.

  • TEAM

    20,000 square meters facility

    150 stuff working in our production lines

    5 at R&D department


    - We house our own state-of-the-art printers capable of 5-color and 4 -color.

    - Automatic machines for lamination, diecut, box folding, box glue

    - Silk Screen printing, Spot UV, Gold-stamping, Embossing / Debossing

    - Five production lines for handwork


    - We obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC certifications.

    - We encourage audits and tours of our facilities any time to show how we are actively infusing innovation into an formerly outdated industry and setting new standards.

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