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Proudly present L-illumepkg after 4 years development
  • Help with Brand Management

    Brand awareness separates your brand name from the sea of sameness and helps to grow your market share. Therefore it’s arguably the most important principle of digital brand management. Our one of a kind L-illumepkg helps set you apart from competitors. 

    Improve brand awareness and product images by lidding up your products inside while brander cannot decide decoration and spotlights of the stores. It enhances customers shopping experience by seeing greater details of the products.

    Data collection system of L-illumepkg helps track movements of the products. Not only buying rate at the checkout counter, but now you can see how many times consumers take off the products, from which display at which locations. Marketing teams can then leverage that data to connect with target audiences across multiple customer touch points.

  • Help physic stores gain back customers 

    For stores to succeed today, retail is not just about moving merchandise. L-illumepkg adds luxury elements to the shopping experience itself, encouraging shoppers to spend more time in the store rather than engaging in quick-strike shopping behavior. It allows shoppers to connect with product displays and try before they purchase. 

    The more products customers see, the more they buy. L-illumepkg displays can stimulate consumers curiosity to walk closer and check out. Turns out people could possibly walk through the whole store if these displays are well positioned. Wherever the eyes go, the feet will follow.

  •  Custom solution 

    The whole system of L-illumepkg is complete customizable. 

    - Custom retail packaging

    - Custom POP display

    - Custom hook (Existing hooks are also available for options)

    Energy saving

    Every display comes with a plug or a USB port which can be powered up by a socket or a powerbank. Because display itself is electrically neutral and no battery used. Greater thing is we only allow the first box be lighten up by a built-in sensor. 

    We are still exploring and improving our L-illumepkg System...

True story is, one of branders used our L-illumepkg packaging & display system at their booth, they gained 20% more customers than ever before, and their booth became one of the most popular booths. 

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