L-ILLUMEPKG Help to acheive all goals
  • What is L-ILLUMEPKG ? 

    It is a one-of-a-kind retail packaging and display solution. There is a build-in LED system which allows your retail packaging shine while the product is inside hanging on our custom retail hanger. It can quickly catch people’s eyes in the store by illuminating products with different lighting colors.

  • Attention Economy - L-ILLUMEPKG!

    We live in an attention economy, where consumer attention is limited and always comes at a price. Never before have brands had to work so hard for an audience's attention. Before a brand can entertain or inform, its communication needs to be noticed. Attention is therefore the most necessary of ingredients for effective advertising. ILLUMEPKG system can easily attract consumers’ attention from far away at any corner of stores but at a common retail box price.

    Almost any type of store will benefit from lighting. The primary purpose behind lighting is to highlight what customers want. This not only makes the customer experience more enjoyable, but it also speeds up the purchasing decision, thus allowing you to help more customers.In the next few years, retail and display lighting will majorly change the buying experience in a positive way.


This gallery highlights a few of the custom corrugated cardboard POS displays–also called point of sale displays–that we have produced for our customers. Our cardboard display stands are designed and manufactured specifically for your products. Click the categories below to view the point of sale displays and get merchandise display ideas.

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