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  • Based on almost 20 years of experience manufacturing packaging boxes, LY produces a wide variety of rigid boxes from paperboard and paper. Our production can be adapted easily to market developments and manufacturers need no longer commit to large minimum order volumes for imported packaging. This in turn will open new markets for small artisan suppliers.

  • The feel of packaging is just as important as its appearance. Touch is the most effective way to communicate, it has the power to provide reassurance and comfort, so the tactile quality of packaging can completely transform how a brand is perceived. LY creates luxury packaging which are crafted using high quality materials and sophisticated embellishment techniques such as soft-touch film lamination, embossing, debossing, hot and cold foiling, etc 

  • Luxury packaging should be suitably resilient and reactive to the store environment so as to minimize any risk of damage. Uniform is also key – unless you’re going for the personal touch look. LEYEAH Packaging is committed to brand management and pioneered color management in printed packaging. We provide consistency across production runs, which helps reduces waste, ultimately reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

Premium Packaging and Repeat Purchases

Certain brands and products may be more inclined to benefit from gift packaging. In some cases, consumers may even expect a premium package. 43 percent of participants in the Dotcome Distribution study said gift-like packaging was “extremely important” for luxury items. The research suggests premium packaging for consumer electronics and specialty food items is also important to consumers. When it comes to customer loyalty, more than 60 percent of consumers who purchased a luxury item in the past year said premium packaging would encourage a repeat buy. That’s compared to 40 percent across all categories.

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